Our Donation Pledge - Creating a Better Tomorrow

Our mission statement is to help job seekers find the right role for them, whilst our proceeds pledge will help create a better tomorrow through our support to charities and not-for-profit organizations.

When one of our candidates is hired for a position, we will be working with the employer to donate 10% of our commission to a charity of their choice. Our proceeds pledge will help us create a better tomorrow for job seekers, employers, and charitable organizations.

Employers can choose between the following donation options or one of their own choice.


Veritree LogoVeritree is an on-the-ground verification system that uses blockchain technology to ensure restoration initiatives are successfully executed, measured, and amplified. The platform provides the peace of mind that sustainability initiatives are having a measurable impact.

"Veritree is the world’s first, fully integrated platform designed to transform the restoration space through technology. Veritree provides a comprehensive toolkit to restoration partners allowing them to collect and manage ground-level data and deliver it directly to all stakeholders."

Learn more about Veritree on their website.


Livestrong Logo“Which everyday cancer problem will we fix today? Living with cancer isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. Livestrong is dedicated to solving the everyday problems that make living with cancer harder than it has to be. We provide free cancer support services to anyone fighting cancer today."

Fueled by our mission question, we ask survivors and caregivers what they need; we ask the system how it can be more person-centered; we ask innovators how we can bring impossible ideas to life. Because if you’re living with cancer, you deserve more than just hope for a better tomorrow. You deserve a better today.

Learn more about Livestrong on their website.

A Charity of Choice

We love working with new charities around the world. If there is a cause that an organization is passionate about, we are happy to support it in celebration of a successful hiring process.

Our team has supported charities related to animal care, cancer research, green initiatives, sports teams, after-school programs, and much more.

We developed our proceeds pledge to support charities around the globe and celebrate a successful recruitment process. Contact us today to learn more.