Winscape Recruitment Specialized Services

At Winscape Recruitment, we have close-knit connections in a couple of different industries. We work closely with BlockChain & Crypto Companies, as well as Information Technology Organizations, to fill many positions across the globe.

Our business focuses on streamlining the hiring process, and we make it exceptionally easy for employees and organizations in these industries to get a job.

BlockChain & Crypto Recruitment Services

Our history in Blockchain & Crypto includes being part of the core team of IT professionals at the world’s first regulated crypto bank. In addition, we spent time helping to build one of the top-five blockchain companies. Through these endeavors, we have gained valuable connections to many of the top global corporations.

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Information Technology Recruitment Services

Global organizations rely on Winscape for IT positions including testing, solution architecture, security, engineering, administration, and so on. We leverage our experience as hiring managers for IT positions to help connect ideal candidates with a suitable organization. Our connections span across the globe and we are always looking to fill positions.

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