Helping Veterans Adjust to Civilian Life

Our team is dedicated to supporting veterans including those who are transitioning to civilian life and looking for their next chapter. Adjusting to civilian life after serving in the military is a challenging process. Our goal is to provide a helpful recruitment service to those looking to find a new career path.

Winscape Recruitment was founded by British veterans. Our experience in military and corporate settings is an invaluable tool for ex-military members transitioning to civilian life.

We have extensive military ties that we leverage to find job placements for veterans. Our team also provides veterans with helpful resources to help them find new career options, including:

  • Free informal advice and training mainly related to Blockchain Technology.
  • Recruitment and job-seeking assistance.

Work With Winscape Recruitment Today

At Winscape Recruitment, our goal is to help job seekers find employment and give back to society. Our online career system is free to use and contains careers options in many different fields and locations.

We have a goal of giving back to society, and helping out veterans is a single aspect of that goal. When one of our applicants is hired with the help of Winscape Recruitment, we donate 10% of our commission to charity.

Our team at Winscape Recruitment works hard for veterans, first-time job seekers, and everyone in between. Apply for a job on our careers page that suits your skillset. Our platform is free to use and we can notify you whenever relevant positions are posted.

Contact us today to learn more about our ex-military support program.